Thursday, November 4, 2010

Double Trouble or Double the Fun!?

25 years ago today I was blessed with not one but two of the most beautiful baby girls.  Identical Twins.

My mother told me at two months that she thought I was having twins so I mentioned it to the doctor.  About 2 weeks later he confirmed it.  It was a hard pregnancy for me but I would do it all again tomorrow if I could.  We had to go through hard times during the teenage years but more than anything they have brought me so much joy.  They have grown into beautiful women that I am so proud of.

Happy Birtday Girls.  Mom loves you and is so proud of you both.


  1. Beautiful girls!!! You are blessed.

  2. How special and a lot work to have two adorable twin girls!! I must say, Betsy, you don't look old enough to have 25 year old girls!


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