Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursdays Treasures for $10.00!

I found this place!  It was in a huge building and it was called an "indoor yardsale" to benefit a church.   There were no prices on anything and when you got up to check out the older man behind the counter would give you a price for something and you would either take it or haggle.  It was very different than any place I have ever been.  I loved it.  This place was massive and it was the kind of place where you have to look through boxes and under stuff just piled on tables.  I saw SO much stuff that could been made over into other things,...lamps, game boards, dressers, tables, vintage chairs, and lots of junk.

I found this basket which had such a unique handle.  I have several  "butt baskets."  

The uniqueness of it appealed to me.

I found two of these architectural shelf brackets.  
This one is the smaller of the two.

Side view of first one.

And side view of the bigger one.

I haven't decided where I will be putting them. 
I found a whole box of these shoe forms.  I still have to clean them up good cause they look kinda rough right now.

I found some great books!  Even a copy of one of my favorite books "The Shack"

This one is an encyclopedia of "Wildflowers of North America."

The pictures would be great to take out and frame.

This is the second book about gardening.  It has lots of great pictures too!

My third book is even better!! It has pencil drawings that are great!

And copies of paintings.

My photos do not do these justice.  They are fantastic.  I want to use them for an arrangement in a grid pattern.  I am thinking maybe over the garden tub in the master bath.

These we got out of the trash.  We were going through a town where you put trash out on the sidewalk.  We don't have that where we live.  It felt like stealing.  I have never done anything like this before.  Actually Mr. Fix-It got them for me while I sat in the car.  I had seen them a week or so ago in a pile of trash out in front of a house that was being gutted.  They were still there when we went by yesterday so he stopped and got them.    I love them.  They are solid and heavy and need a good cleaning  and I haven't decided what I am going to do with them.

Thanks for stopping by my and seeing my treasures.  I only got to go through about 3/4ths of the building.  I can't wait to go back and see what other goodies I can come up with.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a FUN sale! Lots of great goodies! Hopped over from Treasures and Trinkets...

  2. Wow! You should research the artist on some of those online. You really got some wonderful items

  3. Hi There! Thanks for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets party, you got some great stuff! :) I love the corbels you got and I also love the book The Shack. It kind of made you think outside the box about God. (of course it was fiction, but it still made you think a little) :) Thanks again for linking up, have a great week!

  4. You did amazingly well!
    I really adore those books!
    What great finds!

  5. Wonderful books, you really found some great things!! Happy VTT!

  6. You have found a TREASURE in that Eric Sloan book :)



  7. You found a great place to shop! I love the architectural corbels.

  8. Looks like a lot of fun, I love a place where you have to hunt. TFS!


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