Friday, January 28, 2011

Wishing for a Mudroom.

I have been painting for a little while each evening after coming home from staying with Mom at the hospital.  I love the color and it is completely changing the way this place looks. 

I want to make an area in the living room that resembles a mudroom...just a stopping place right inside the front door.  This modular home has no mudroom.  This is kind of what I am thinking of...

This I can do.  I have an old toy box bench that I could use and I have a shelf made very similar to this one that Mr. Fix-It built me a few years ago.  I can paint them the same color and make them look like a set.    This will have to be my next project once the walls are finished.

 I will be bringing Mom home from the hospital tomorrow to live with me for a few months.  We did get bad news again.  Her cancer has spread into her lymph nodes.  She will be going from Palliative Care to Hospice Care.   I took today off and spent the morning with her at the hospital and then cleaned up her bedroom and got it all ready for her to come home tomorrow.   There is no real space for any decorations in her room.  We have her hospital bed, her wheel chair, a bedside potty chair, a dresser, a bench and chair for visitors.   I try to make it as nice as possible because she has to spend so much time in there.  Any suggestions for making it more pleasant, let me know.  
By the way, cancer sucks.


  1. I agree...c sucks. I wish your mother well and hope that she is not in a lot of pain. My son is a hospice nurse and they are the most wonderful, considerate, supportive group of people I've ever known...I hope you will feel the same way. Sending prayers your way...

    Love the mudroom idea and the inspiration pics make me want one too! Can't wait to see what you come up with. ;j

  2. The mudroom pics you chose are beautiful. I would love to have a real mudroom as well. I am so sorry about your mom. I will send some prayers your way, as well.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. The only things I can think of to make the room a bit cheerier are fresh flowers and clean windows so she can see outside. It is such a difficult time - we just went through the same with my sister in the fall. My heart goes out to you.

    Great inspiration photos for your mud room, by the way.

  4. Hey too! Love your inspiration for the mudroom! Love your blog!

  5. You sound like an amazing person, making room for your mother, we did the same for my nana, hard work, but rewarding at the same time. As Grace suggested, fresh flowers and a clean window, open it wide when the weather allows, and if she has any favourite photos or trinkets, we had a small table of some of my nanas favourite things, made it feel more like home for her.
    I wish you the strengh to get through this difficult time.

    I came over rom Debbiedoos, I'm so pleased I did, sending prayers your way


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