Monday, December 20, 2010

Fabulous Weekend And GRADUATION!!!!!!

So happy!   I have had a fabulous weekend and today was even better!!  Friday at work I dressed up as an elf and had so much fun!  I made my shirt and it was fun to do a little sewing.  After work I went out for drinks with a few people from work.  I went straight from work and wore the elf outfit!  I received all sorts of compliments and fun comments.  I was even stopped several times through the day by people who wanted to take my picture.  It was funny.

This is not a good was taken on someones cell phone.

On Saturday I had been invited by one of my best and dearest friends to her home for brunch.  Her home is amazingly beautiful and I have asked her to be a guest on my blog here in the near future.  She is one of those people that we all know who is great at everything. She is a fabulous hostess and served us a delicious brunch. The menu consisted of a delicious sausage quiche, company eggs which were boiled eggs with the yolk taken out and mixed with fresh herbs and sausage then covered with a yummy cream sauce, lemon scones warm out of the oven, cheese grits that were some of the best I have ever tasted, and decadent chocolate covered strawberries.  She had fresh orange juice, coffee with several kinds of creams and sugars to go with it, and my favorite Mimosas made with Korbel Champagne and she had frozen pomegranate seeds and floated them in the Mimosas.  They were frozen in the stems of the glasses and as you drank the seed floated to the top. So you had the pretty orangey-yellow of the mimosa with the dark red pomegranate seeds floating in it.  So pretty and festive.

After brunch I met Mr. Fix it and we went and had a fabulous day Christmas shopping in the beautiful snow covered Blowing Rock.

I saw this adorable Christmas tree.  I loved the different look of it.  It made me smile and I love the happy look it has.  I thought how pretty this would be in someones kitchen.

We had the best time strolling from shop to shop drinking steaming hot coffee.  It is such a romantic little town.

We left shopping for a while and went for a late dinner at the same restaurant that we had our first date at so many many years ago.  I love eating there.  They have the best carrot cake.  We sat, drank a Baileys and coffee a just talked for a long time.

We shopped quite a bit but one fun store we went in was called Savory Thymes.  For those of you that love china like I do, you would have loved this store.  They had some of the most fun plates and dinnerware.

We rode on the section of the Parkway that was still open.  It was so beautiful.

The sun was beginning to set on a beautiful day.

Yesterday was fun too.  We spent the day in Hickory.  We went to have brunch again but this time we met a dear friend who is moving to California.  We helped her pack and just hung out for a while.  I will miss her.  Mr. Fix-It and I had another special day together.  We managed a little Christmas shopping after packing up my friends apartment and finished the day up at Starbucks with a little Chai Tea and gingerbread.  Yummy.

But today was the best day so far.  I got to watch my daughter graduate!!  And my parents were both there and able to attend.  It was a great day.  Now I can heave a sigh of relief.  Both of my daughters have a good college education and are strong women.  No matter what life throws their way they will be able to be self-supportive and take care of themselves.  I am proud of them both.

We finished up the day with a late late lunch at Sagebrush.  First time I have taken my parents out to eat in years.  It was so much fun!

My vacation has started and I am so excited!  No work from now till January 3rd!  Yeah me!!


  1. Τι φανταστικό χιόνι!! Είστε πολύ τυχεροί!! Εμείς εδώ στην Ελλάδα σπάνια βλέπουμε χιονάκι!!

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