Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Mother's Day Present...Finally!!

On the very first day we bought this place I came over and sat on the back porch steps for a while just to see what it was like to be back in the woods.  As I was sitting there I thought what a wonderful spot for a sitting area there was right out the back door. My uncle, who lives two houses up, hosts lots of "fish frys" in his back yard and he has this cute little sitting area.  Nothing fancy, no deck or anything just some comfy chairs under a shade tree and that is where we all love to congregate and chat.  There have been lots of fishing stories and lies told under that tree.  

Not knowing at that time that I would be the one living here (remember we bought it to use for rental property) I began to clear out some of the underbrush.  A few days later we got the news that our house had sold and my husband and I decided to move in to what we now lovingly call the Rabbit Hole.  I knew that I wanted to make me a sitting area, a place to take family and friends outside to enjoy the peace and quite of living back in the woods.  

This was all around Mother's Day and my husband I were rummaging around Lowes Hardware.  We were out in the garden center and I found a fire pit that they had built out of the landscaping stone complete with a bench and metal fire pit insert.  I went and found my husband Mr. Fix-It and told him in a half joking manner that this could be my Mother's Day present.  To my joy he agreed!!  I knew we would be moving so I had said to just wait and get it after we move and so  we did,  If you have read my posts you will know that things went downhill from there.  Bu my sweet little Mr. Fix-It did not forget and when we finally have came to a point where we can start working on our house again he went and bought me my Mother's Day present in September.

My dream for an outdoor sitting area has begun.  This was preparing the area,  I had already cleared it but it need to be leveled a little more.  Mr. Fix-It did that...he loves any excuse to get on the tractor and play.  What little boy (man) doesn't?

This is my finished product.  64 blocks later and my back was hurting but it was well worth it!  It was getting dark on me so I do need to go back out today and straighten some of my blocks up but I did it all by myself!

I will post some pictures taken during the day.  I had to wait to work on it yesterday till the weather had cooled off some and it got dark on me before I finished.

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