Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where to start?
I am having such difficulties with my living room.  I know the look I want to achieve but for some reason just can not get it going.  We have moved into several houses over the past 26 years but decorating this one is giving me a tougher time than any of them.   I have new flooring, new curtains, new lamps.  I know I need new furniture.  I have my eye and heart set on this sofa with an extra cover in white for the summer.  
Ektorp Sofa -Ikea

But after sitting in this loveseat from Pier 1 last week I really like the way it sat and high back.  Mr Fix-It and I both did.  
Paisley Loveseat from Pier 1
I am afraid it would be too style specific but it would look great in my living room with some of the antique furniture I have.

I also have to choose a wall color.  I am thinking something in a warmer gray color.  Light gray but warm.  Do I want to have an accent wall?  Do I want to paint it all one color?  I really like the color of this room.  Maybe a shade or two lighter that this.

Image from Decor Pad

Benjamin Moore has a color on their website shown under Our 5 Favorite Grays.  It is called Revere Pewter.    A nice gray with warm yellow undertones.  I think that would look good with my flooring. 

Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore
I can't decide if I want to do a wall of pictures in my living room.  I like looking at them in other people's houses.  I know I need to unify them with the same color of frames and mats.
I am afraid it might make things look too cluttered  because I know me...it will be hard for me to edit them down to just a few.  

Pottery Barn

I feel like I am headed in the right direction.  Actually taking the time to write this blog today has helped me see where I want to go with the look of the room.   Thanks for helping me think things through.  

I need to get myself in gear and get it done.  We have been out of school, where I work, due to another snow that we received over the past two days.  I think I can get out tomorrow...maybe I should go get some paint.  That is an idea. 


  1. I've tried photo walls and everyone elses always looks better

  2. Loz...I have done photo walls in some of my other houses and I can make them look good it is just that I have a HARD time editing them down to just a few. I am into photography so I have LOTS to choose from.

  3. Oh, my dear Betsy....we DO think alike! I love all of your choices! And I love the new blog look here...I'm SO into gray right now!


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