Sunday, January 30, 2011

Squirrels, Sunshine and Sundays

I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent my weekend bringing my mother home from the hospital and getting her settled in AND painting my living room!!  Da-daa-da-daaa ...Superwoman!

Saturday I got Mom settled in.  It took us most of the day to get her discharged from the hospital.  

 I woke up to a beautiful sunshine-y Sunday!  I had a nice time having a cup of coffee with my Mom and watching my squirrels play in the woods that border our yard.   It was even warm enough today for her to sit for a while out on my front porch.   Then I finished painting my living room and I am so excited about it.  I love the colors I chose.
Cathedral Gray-for the accent wall
Silver Sateen-for all the other walls
Why is it you find so many more cobwebs when you paint than you do when you dust?
 How do I miss them and yet find them when I am painting?
My living room is still a mess and I have to do a few more touch ups before I take any pictures.  I haven't quite finished painting the accent wall yet.  Then my sweet Mr. Fix-It is going to hang the flat screen on the accent wall.  

 I am trying to sort out what rooms I want to put my furniture in.  I still have so much that I need to get out of storage.  I have completely changed my whole decorating style and I am trying to change my furniture to match my new style.  Trying to decide what to keep, what to paint and what to sell or give away.    

Here are a few pictures of the house we sold.  See how country it was.

I can't wait to get a roof built over my front porch at the new place.
 In true southern tradition I paint my porch ceilings blue. 

 Funny but I don't miss it at all. 

Now I am trying to incorporate my furniture and accessories into the remodel of the house we are living in now.  The kitchen that we remodeled here is very different than the house we used to own.

A totally different look for me.   With this kitchen I got to choose everything where in the old house I had to decorate around what was already there.  I guess there are some good things about buying a home that has been completely stripped of everything.

My living room is definitely a work in progress.  The new paint color really makes me ready for the new furniture that we have picked out   See the furniture I want  here.

I will take some pics of the new colors in the living room sometime this week. I still need to get some things settled back in place and pictures back on the walls.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

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  1. you are super-woman!! I moved from the country look a few years ago and I don't miss it at.all. It was fine for the old house but I like the newer look that I have now. Not quite as pretty as your kitchen it!
    Hope your mom gets settled in o.k., I'm sure it is a relief to you to have her home. take care..;j

  2. Hi Betsy,

    Yep, superwoman!!! Please come to my house next! :0) Hope your mom is doing well.

    Yes, there's a lot to be said for starting with a blank slate. I do love your new kitchen and I love the colors you've picked as well.

    I'm visiting for Porch Club Monday..hope you'll drop by my porch for a moment!

    Stephanie ♥

  3. How fun to have a new home with a new look to work with, you are going to have so much fun and it is great that your Mr is a handy man at that , so nice to have. Love the view of the porch and I'm here from the porch club to say Hi! Hope you can come visit some time and chat on my porch! Hugs and Blessings Marilou

  4. Hi Betsy! Looks like we one thing in common...changing styles! Love your furniture and the lamp is so neat, I'm a follower now so I'll be sure to be back!


  5. Yup ... you've done cartwheels around me this weekend ... doesn't it feel good to be able to accomplish so many satisfying task? You're doing a wonderful job with the home decor ... love the gray paint ... I'm going to check out those two colors ... I've been wanting to paint my dining room for a while now! Can't wait to see the porch ... thanks for joining in and sharing ; )


  6. Came over from Debbie's. Your kitchen is lovely. And yes, cancer sucks! Is your Mom getting to live with you. We are trying to get my husbands mother to come and live here or with us. Stubborn at 85. She says she has her health so no. I say, so when you are sick you are going to come and stay with us!!?? why not now when we can do fun stuff?? Enjoy your time with your Mom , I know it is hard. My Mom just had a mastectomy. I have twin daughters's also. I will pray for you right now. Lori

  7. Superwoman indeed! Love your kitchen. Hope your Mom is recovering. Thanks for visiting Buttermilk Cottage and please come again!

  8. You have a gorgeous kitchen! I love the open shelves. If I had it to do over again, that's precisely what I'd do. Have open shelves so I could see everything. You're such a loving daughter! And obviously superwoman!

  9. WOW! What a productive weekend you had! I love the remodeled kitchen! Especially, the open shelves! I am here from Debbie's newbie party! I'm a newbie too! I'm following you now!

  10. Hi!
    Nice to meet you from Debbie's party!
    I love the shelf in your kitchen! I would love something like that in mine!
    Love the gray.......everybody is doing gray a ya know I really like it!!
    I just became a follower of your site!
    Can't wait to see the living room done!

  11. Beautiful kitchen. Nice blog

    Found your site from Debbiedoo's link up party

    Hope you have a great weekend

  12. your kitchen looks great. God bless you and your mom during this time together. I'm a follower!

  13. Betsy,

    Your home is beautiful! I'm sure you'll have a great time making it your own.

    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog. I'm your newest follower.

    Have a great day!

  14. Hey! I'm new follower too, coming from DebbieDoos.Love your "new" kitchen, and you sure have great taste, sooo beautiful.
    I'm excited about sharing our ideas,and creations.
    Hope you have time to pop over for a visit too.

  15. How exciting...remodeling and decorating! Yet, another reason to miss warm sunshiny days. Thanks for letting us take a peek.

  16. I hear ya on the cobwebs! I have the same problem whenever I paint. Your new kitchen is gorgeous.

    I hopped on over here via Debbiedoos' newbie party and will sign up to follow :)

  17. Your new kitchen is awesome! I'm loving that beautiful island!
    Finding you via Debbie's Newbie party. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Have a great day!

  18. I found your blog from the newbie party! I really do like your new kitchen .... it looks so nice! Following!

  19. Hey there, found your blog through DebbieDoos.. just wanted to say hello. You have a very nice blog. Hope your mom gets better soon. Yep, CANCER SUCKS!!

  20. I'm so glad you got to get your mom home from the hospital! Hope she is doing well.

    Love the makes such a huge difference!


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