Monday, January 17, 2011

Surgery and Snow

For those of you who don't know from reading my blog,  my mother, who is 76 and weighs 93 pounds,  has rectal cancer.  She was scheduled for surgery last Monday and when we received 6 inches or so of snow, her surgery was cancelled.  We took my Mom to the hospital today for her surgery to have her tumor removed.  Well, as they were prepping her for surgery her heart rate was extremely high.  She was in "a fib"  and her kidneys were not functioning properly.  So no surgery today.  Her doctor admitted her to the hospital to see if they can get her doing well enough to have surgery.  Right now they are saying she should be able to have surgery Wednesday.   

I have been against the surgery since the Dr. told us about it and all the risks involved but it is her decision and I would never tell her that.  I will always support her decisions and take care of her.  I have been through lots of serious situations with my Mom but I have never had the feeling about anything like I have about this surgery.  I find it odd that she has been scheduled twice and both times she has been rescheduled.  Maybe it is not meant for her to have it.  We will take it a day at a time like we have since she was diagnosed with cancer.  

My Little Mommy

On another, lighter and whiter note...we are getting more snow again and the weather channel is calling for another big one coming this Friday too.    I love the snow.  

I know this is a random post but I am a little tired and stressed from being at the hospital all day.  

By the way..Cancer sucks.


  1. Betsy... You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Courtney

  2. I am so sorry for you and your precious mother. I hope all goes well.


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