Sunday, January 30, 2011

Squirrels, Sunshine and Sundays

I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent my weekend bringing my mother home from the hospital and getting her settled in AND painting my living room!!  Da-daa-da-daaa ...Superwoman!

Saturday I got Mom settled in.  It took us most of the day to get her discharged from the hospital.  

 I woke up to a beautiful sunshine-y Sunday!  I had a nice time having a cup of coffee with my Mom and watching my squirrels play in the woods that border our yard.   It was even warm enough today for her to sit for a while out on my front porch.   Then I finished painting my living room and I am so excited about it.  I love the colors I chose.
Cathedral Gray-for the accent wall
Silver Sateen-for all the other walls
Why is it you find so many more cobwebs when you paint than you do when you dust?
 How do I miss them and yet find them when I am painting?
My living room is still a mess and I have to do a few more touch ups before I take any pictures.  I haven't quite finished painting the accent wall yet.  Then my sweet Mr. Fix-It is going to hang the flat screen on the accent wall.  

 I am trying to sort out what rooms I want to put my furniture in.  I still have so much that I need to get out of storage.  I have completely changed my whole decorating style and I am trying to change my furniture to match my new style.  Trying to decide what to keep, what to paint and what to sell or give away.    

Here are a few pictures of the house we sold.  See how country it was.

I can't wait to get a roof built over my front porch at the new place.
 In true southern tradition I paint my porch ceilings blue. 

 Funny but I don't miss it at all. 

Now I am trying to incorporate my furniture and accessories into the remodel of the house we are living in now.  The kitchen that we remodeled here is very different than the house we used to own.

A totally different look for me.   With this kitchen I got to choose everything where in the old house I had to decorate around what was already there.  I guess there are some good things about buying a home that has been completely stripped of everything.

My living room is definitely a work in progress.  The new paint color really makes me ready for the new furniture that we have picked out   See the furniture I want  here.

I will take some pics of the new colors in the living room sometime this week. I still need to get some things settled back in place and pictures back on the walls.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wishing for a Mudroom.

I have been painting for a little while each evening after coming home from staying with Mom at the hospital.  I love the color and it is completely changing the way this place looks. 

I want to make an area in the living room that resembles a mudroom...just a stopping place right inside the front door.  This modular home has no mudroom.  This is kind of what I am thinking of...

This I can do.  I have an old toy box bench that I could use and I have a shelf made very similar to this one that Mr. Fix-It built me a few years ago.  I can paint them the same color and make them look like a set.    This will have to be my next project once the walls are finished.

 I will be bringing Mom home from the hospital tomorrow to live with me for a few months.  We did get bad news again.  Her cancer has spread into her lymph nodes.  She will be going from Palliative Care to Hospice Care.   I took today off and spent the morning with her at the hospital and then cleaned up her bedroom and got it all ready for her to come home tomorrow.   There is no real space for any decorations in her room.  We have her hospital bed, her wheel chair, a bedside potty chair, a dresser, a bench and chair for visitors.   I try to make it as nice as possible because she has to spend so much time in there.  Any suggestions for making it more pleasant, let me know.  
By the way, cancer sucks.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ideas Abounding.

I picked out my paint colors finally and bought paint today.  I am so excited!
It makes me feel like I am getting things going again.  
I picked out two different grays for the walls in my living room.
The darker color is called Cathedral Gray.

The tallest wall I am painting the darker color and will be moving our flat screen to that wall.

The lighter color is called Silver Sateen. 

The other 3 walls I will be painting the lighter color.  

I am debating about the darker color.  I have the test patch of the Cathedral Gray next to a paint chip that I was considering and we (Mr. Fix-It and I) really like it too.   

It is called Cobblestone by Martha Stewart.

It has a little more brown in it than the other grays.  

I would never have picked any of these colors a year or so ago.  But from blogging I have learned so much.  I love the way that gray makes brown furniture "pop."
Pottery Barn

Decor Pad

If I do not use the Cathedral Gray in the living room I will use it in my master bath.  
I am thinking of doing my master bath in yellow and gray.  

I really like these two colors together.  
I think it is just because this color combination is not something that you see everyday.

I will be painting in between working and trips to the hospital.  I will keep posting pics as I get things done.

I also want to share with you this little update that I did on my lamp.

  I have mentioned that I used to decorate in a very primitive country style.  
I paid quite a bit for this lamp many, many years ago and I still like it  
So I was a Hobby Lobby a week or so ago and they had this great sale.  
Lots of items 66% and 75% off.

I purchased a lampshade on clearance for $10.00.  
And also bought a pretty tassel for $3.99.  
So this is my updated lamp for about $15.00.
If you look close in the background you can tell the wall is painted two colors.  A test paint spot.
 The lampshade is a taupe linen.  Also notice the table it is sitting on.  
I bought it from Goodwill a year or so ago and I have been waiting to choose a color to paint it.
Thinking about painting the table soon too.  

I like it a lot better with the new lampshade.  
I get started on something and it never fails that I get more ideas.  
Sometimes I sit and make a list or draw out ideas so I won't forget them.

I needed to take a break from all the other stuff going on in my life. 
 It was good to think about decorating and working again.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not a decorating post.

I ask for prayers  This sweet little woman is my mother.  Her name is Rebecca and she has cancer.  What was supposed to be a 1 1/2 to 2 hour surgery turned into a 7 hour surgery.   They could not take her off of the ventilator till mid-morning the following day.   She has a long way to go to get through this.  Today the doctor told us that he could not get all the cancer.  Mom does not know that yet.  He also said that tomorrow and Monday would be the worst days for her so far.

Today was not a good day.  She told me that she was going to be buried alive under the ceiling tile and that she saw the ceiling slide down and the huge post that are around the nurses station sunk into the floor.  That some men knocked off  the door to her room and replaced it.  By this evening she said she was seeing a little girl on her knees playing with a doll.  They are telling us that they believe her to have what is called ICU Psychosis and that when she gets out of ICU and in to a room that she should be back to normal.  It does not help that she is on the highest dose of morphine.

Again I ask for prayers for her and the rest of us.  It has been a tough few days and we have a long road ahead.

By the way...Cancer sucks.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


If you read this please send up a prayer for my Mom...she has been in surgery for six hours so far...doctors are trying to remove her tumor. If you have a blog please ask for prayers for her. Her name is Rebecca.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I ran out of toilet paper...

I got out of bed..."Why did I get out of bed today???" 
I have wondered that question ALL day long.  Ever have "one of those days?"  
and then you hear the saying..."things change in a second."  They really can.

I ran out of toilet paper today.
 This may not be a big deal to some people.
It is to me.  Today.

It says to me that I have lost all control.

I asked my daughters today,
 "Can you tell me the last time you can remember us ever running out of toilet paper?"
They could not remember a time that we have ever ran out of toilet paper.  
Still you may be asking yourself, "Why is this a big deal?"

Because I don't ever...E...V...E...R... let that happen.

So how did this happen?  
How did I loose control? 

I am sitting here now trying to decide how to explain.  

My mother is in the hospital (see yesterdays post) and her surgery was postponed again.  
Now the doctors are saying that it will hopefully be Thursday.    
I had a tough day with my mother and trying to take care of things with her today.  

And then...

My daughter, who is 25, came to me Friday and said she had a "knot" on her hip.  
There was no bruise, no redness, no anything.  Just that the area had started swelling and hurt.  
She could not get a doctor's appointment with her regular doctor.  She has tried for the past two days.  No appointment till Friday so I suggested she go ahead and go to Urgent Care and see what they think.  
The doctor did x-rays.

The doctor found something.  

A fairly big dark spot in her hip bone.   

We should know something by tomorrow evening. 

He said it could nothing.  Maybe just the way the bone is growing.  
It is in the shape of the sun.  A circle in the middle with the rays coming out from it.
He is an older man who was a doctor in the military.  He said he had never seen anything like it.

I can't stop thinking about it.

Did I mention my mother has cancer?
Did I mention I had a niece die of cancer at the age of 21?
Did I mention that my grandfather and 2 of my uncles died of cancer?

It may be nothing

I am terrified.

On top of all of this..I ran out of toilet paper today. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Surgery and Snow

For those of you who don't know from reading my blog,  my mother, who is 76 and weighs 93 pounds,  has rectal cancer.  She was scheduled for surgery last Monday and when we received 6 inches or so of snow, her surgery was cancelled.  We took my Mom to the hospital today for her surgery to have her tumor removed.  Well, as they were prepping her for surgery her heart rate was extremely high.  She was in "a fib"  and her kidneys were not functioning properly.  So no surgery today.  Her doctor admitted her to the hospital to see if they can get her doing well enough to have surgery.  Right now they are saying she should be able to have surgery Wednesday.   

I have been against the surgery since the Dr. told us about it and all the risks involved but it is her decision and I would never tell her that.  I will always support her decisions and take care of her.  I have been through lots of serious situations with my Mom but I have never had the feeling about anything like I have about this surgery.  I find it odd that she has been scheduled twice and both times she has been rescheduled.  Maybe it is not meant for her to have it.  We will take it a day at a time like we have since she was diagnosed with cancer.  

My Little Mommy

On another, lighter and whiter note...we are getting more snow again and the weather channel is calling for another big one coming this Friday too.    I love the snow.  

I know this is a random post but I am a little tired and stressed from being at the hospital all day.  

By the way..Cancer sucks.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Furniture Shopping

Mr. Fix-It and I had a wonderful day Saturday shopping and just being together.  He was coming off of a 7 day, 12 hours a night, work week.  I feel like I don't get to see him at all during weeks like that.

We headed to Blowing Rock and started looking at furniture.  I am happy that usually when we are shopping for something for the house we tend to like the same things.  All of these pictures were taken by my cell phone so they are not the best quality.

I found this love seat that we both liked.  It is covered in a taupe duck cloth.  Very durable.

We want two recliners and I was so mad at myself when I got home and I realized that I did not take a picture of the recliner.  I do have a picture of the fabric that I want on the recliners.   

Sample of Fabric
It has grays and blacks and browns in the wording.  It is all about planing and gardening and I love it.

This was a pillow from a chaise lounge that was covered in the fabric.

The only sample they had that was similar to the  fabric I want had French words on it.  The colors were the same as the gardening fabric,  It looks so good with the color of the sofa.

This is the Lamp that I fell in love with.  He is so cute and since we call our place "The Rabbit Hole" I thought it would go well in our house.

I have been looking for a wine rack and I think this one would look great.  But Mr. Fix-It said I couldn't buy it.  Instead he said he would build me one.  This one has a hammered copper top.  So pretty.

We left Boone and rode on the parkway for a while.  I have some pictures of deer I will have to share.  Then we left Boone and headed to Hickory for the evening.  I bought a few things for the house there that I will share over the next few days if all go well.

My mother is having her major surgery tomorrow and I am scared to death.  I am so worried that she will not make it through.  I will post again soon I hope.  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where to start?
I am having such difficulties with my living room.  I know the look I want to achieve but for some reason just can not get it going.  We have moved into several houses over the past 26 years but decorating this one is giving me a tougher time than any of them.   I have new flooring, new curtains, new lamps.  I know I need new furniture.  I have my eye and heart set on this sofa with an extra cover in white for the summer.  
Ektorp Sofa -Ikea

But after sitting in this loveseat from Pier 1 last week I really like the way it sat and high back.  Mr Fix-It and I both did.  
Paisley Loveseat from Pier 1
I am afraid it would be too style specific but it would look great in my living room with some of the antique furniture I have.

I also have to choose a wall color.  I am thinking something in a warmer gray color.  Light gray but warm.  Do I want to have an accent wall?  Do I want to paint it all one color?  I really like the color of this room.  Maybe a shade or two lighter that this.

Image from Decor Pad

Benjamin Moore has a color on their website shown under Our 5 Favorite Grays.  It is called Revere Pewter.    A nice gray with warm yellow undertones.  I think that would look good with my flooring. 

Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore
I can't decide if I want to do a wall of pictures in my living room.  I like looking at them in other people's houses.  I know I need to unify them with the same color of frames and mats.
I am afraid it might make things look too cluttered  because I know will be hard for me to edit them down to just a few.  

Pottery Barn

I feel like I am headed in the right direction.  Actually taking the time to write this blog today has helped me see where I want to go with the look of the room.   Thanks for helping me think things through.  

I need to get myself in gear and get it done.  We have been out of school, where I work, due to another snow that we received over the past two days.  I think I can get out tomorrow...maybe I should go get some paint.  That is an idea. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Ready.

I haven't been able to post anything this week.  I have worked late (730-8:30 pm) every night this week. I have been trying to get ready for being out of work to spend time with my Mom when she has surgery.  It is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, Jan 10) at 9:00 am.  The doctor's are going to try and remove her tumor.  It is supposed to be a long surgery.  HOWEVER, the weatherman is now calling for close to a foot of snow for our area tomorrow so Mom is talking about postponing.  

I am looking forward to this coming weekend. Me, Mr. Fix-It, Lynnette who is my best friend since high school and her husband are all taking off on an impromptu weekend getaway.  We are going to visit Louisville, Kentucky.  I am so excited.

Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Old Cabinet

I have a makeover to share. 
Long in the making and not exactly completely finished.  
But close enough that I thought I could share.

A can of paint and a paintbrush can do wonders.

If you visit my blog you may have seen these before.  
I bought them for $6.50 for the pair at a visit to the flea market.

This is a cabinet that my husband built for me several years ago.  
I have mentioned that the house we just sold was decorated in primitive country.

I didn't want to part with this and we have no room for it in storage.
It did not go with the look I am looking for in the new place.

I really wanted to make it into a statement piece.  

So I chose a WOW color...It is called Weathered Glass.  

It looks like the color of the antique blue glass canning jars.

So here is my new cabinet!

Yes it is still missing hardware and I am thinking about distressing it some.  
I have been looking for knobs for about 2 months now and can not find the ones that just "speak" to me.

We used it through the holidays as the drink station.

Top Shelf.

Middle Shelf.  The jars are not monogrammed.  
Those are my initial  plates leaned up behind the jars.

Bottom shelf.  Leftovers of the holiday drink station.

My new shelf...very different for me and a new direction.

Thanks for visiting and checking out my cabinet makeover.  Let me know what you think!

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