Monday, October 4, 2010

Did I Mention the Wedding Yet?

My daughters will be 25 years old this November.  One of my daughters, Jennifer was married a little over a year ago and now we are planning the wedding of my other daughter Jessica .  I have felt badly because shortly after she became engaged was when we found out about my Mom's illness.  I have been wrapped up in taking care of my Mom and felt like I have really let Jess down.  I have not been able to give her the help she deserved with planning her wedding.

Well, this past Friday we visited a local farm and found the place she wants to have her wedding.  I am so excited!  All I want is for her to be happy and for everything to fall in place for her.  Here are a few shots of the future wedding site.  Now if she can set a date....her and her fiancée are thinking May.

These were taken with my cell phone so they are not the best.  We visit again in about a week so I will take my Nikon and get some more shots.

My favorite part...remember I am a "good ol' southern girl"...was the.....


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  1. That's a beautiful place for a wedding!


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