Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Makeover

My first makeover is special to me.  It was my Granny's (not Grandma or Grandmother...but Granny's) piano bench.  It was used in front of her "old timey" (that's "southernese" for antique) pump organ and then later on sat in front of her piano.  It is one of two pieces of hers that I was fortunate enough to get.  The other is her buffet which you can see parts of it in the second picture.  Here is the beginning picture...

Now let me explain...the fabric it the bench is covered in is a fishing tapestry because when I first got it, in my old house my bedroom furniture was all log.  I have the massive log bed, dresser, nightstands and log rocker.  This sat in the corner of my bedroom for a while.  I have it all in storage till we get to build our log house.  
Maggie Mae thinks it belongs to her.
So I took it apart last night and I painted it white.  When I got up this morning I put the fabric I had bought to go on it across the cushion to see what it would look like...I did not like it AT ALL!
The combination of the fabric with the white I had painted the bench just did not work so this evening I repainted the bench black.  (I did not however remember to take a picture of it while it was white.)
Black looks so much better.
I love it.  It looks fabulous!  I am thinking this will go in my master bath.  
Just a reminder of the before...

...and After.

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  1. I think you are right. Black frames that out very nicely. What a big change. I have a piano bench that needs work, too, though mine isn't padded. I may see if I could add padding and fabric, as I love yours. Thanks for sharing an inspiring idea.

  2. That turned out beautiful!!

  3. Hi there- Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment! This bench turned out beautiful and I love that it is a special piece to you. It is a beautiful piece and the paint is perfect- so cute that Maggie Mae loves it too! Hope you will stop by again sometime- nice to meet you! :)

  4. Adorable! i love the black and white combo. what great way to update a sentimental piece. I appreciate you stopping by my blog refinish-it-all. :)

  5. That really brings the bench up to date. I can see how your pretty print might get lost with too much white. Nice job. If you'd like, I host Fabric Fun Thursday, to link up with us.

  6. Hi Betsy, Thanks for visiting with me. I love the bench in black and the fabric you used. I think the black anchors it and makes the fabric pop. I use black when I re-paint a lot of my things, it always looks good.
    Great job!

  7. I love this stool. Want to hear something funny? You said you used the same knobs I had on my end tables and I am right in the middle of recovering a set of chairs with this fabric! I have a sofa in this fabric also. I guess its true that great minds think alike!


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