Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sneak Peek!

Since the kitchen renovation is on hold I had a weekend to myself.  My mother has finished her radiation treatments...34 treatments to be my Dad has taken her home.  That is all she has ever asked for is to get to go home again.   They went up on Friday and I went up on Saturday to take some of her medical equipment.  The mountains were beautiful!

I did not want to leave.  On Saturday I did have the opportunity to run into the" big town" of Andrews for a little shopping.  I bought a pretty set of boxes that I think I will put in my bathroom.  

I have also decided that I will go ahead and post pics of what we have done of the remodel this week since it will be a while before we finish. So here is a peek...

...of my cabinets before they went in.  Check back for the before and ALMOST after pictures this week.  I have a project that I am working on the I will be posting too.

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