Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Textures for Tuesday

My bedroom.  
Peace, tranquility....lots of sleepless nights due to menopause. :)  
No, really I do love it.  I have never had a bedroom that has had big windows like this one does.  
This has been my first summer living here and I have immensely enjoyed opening the windows at night at watching the lightning bugs in the woods that surround us here.  
But I digress.

I fell in love with and just had to have the picture over the bed.  It is a print by Michael Sowa called "Kohler's Pig."   The pig is either very optimistic or just plain happy.  Either way he makes me smile.  
Again, I digress....

I have always heard that when you are doing an all white room
to concentrate on the textures that are in it.
So here are some of the textures
from my bedroom....

I love the clean look and crispness of an all white room.


  1. Omigosh! My husband saw that print somewhere and always wanted it. I love it too and it looks great over your bed. Beautiful room!

  2. Love the textures! I could be wrapped in chenille and die happy.

  3. great idea for a post! Beautiful room...and I love all the textures too..;p

  4. Love seeing all the patterns-most of the time we really don't think about that!

  5. What a great variety of patterns and textures. So nice to think about and they would combine so well too. Jane F.

  6. WOW, love,love,love the textures. I'll be back.


  7. Beautiful bedroom! Love all your pretty white textures! :)

  8. Your bedroom is just beautiful. I love all of the lovely whites and texture!


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