Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchen Chaos

I have been having a wonderful evening with Mr. Fix-It and enjoying the fire pit.  This was after we went through the woods and pulled up some old fence posts and made a cute little fence "thingy" at the curve in our driveway. It was dark when we finished so there are no pictures yet.  He surprised me with some gorgeous mums to put out.  I'll get some pictures of the fence and the mums tomorrow.  I need to get me a few pumpkins too.

Day 2 of the Sneak Peek....
Mr. Fix-It is not happy that I am posting this.

This was the beginning of the remodel.  Notice there are no bottom cabinets.  Remember this place was a foreclosure and sat empty for 6 years.  At some point and time they were stolen along with the heat pump, water heater, bathroom vanities, etc, etc...the only thing that was left was the island in the kitchen and these upper cabinets.

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